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Log: Schoolboy/Witch

Who: The Schoolboy and the Witch
What: Dancing and reveals
Where: Train
When: Immediately after this
Warnings/Rating: Cutes everywhere.

Music and dance )

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The Illusion and the Mirror

Who: The Illusion and the Mirror
What: Talking
Where: The train
When: Immediately following this
Warnings/Rating: We'll see.

Promises )

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various locks.

[Hannah S.]
Alright, darling?

[Theodore C.]
Make it through the evening?

[Atticus M.]
Leave the island for a night?

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Paging Count Ramalamadingdong. Are you a grammar Nazi here too or are you cool?

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Are you less fixated on Paradise in the day to day, or is it a rather permanent fixture of your personality?

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Claire J, Dante Z, Damian W, Jack P

[Locked to Claire]

Hey, were you there?

[Locked to Dante]

Were you on the train?

[Locked to Damian]

Check in, please.

ETA: [Locked to Jack P]

How was your evening?

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Did you like being someone else?

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lock to ren s

[locked to ren s]

Hi you.

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PSA: road trips are great! If you can take the time off, I highly recommend them. Especially doing it before winter storm season hits.

Did I miss anything fun?

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Mayer+, Amy M+Marta F, Billy K

[Group lock: Amy M+Mars M+Jamie M+David N]
sound off.

[Group lock: Amy M+Marta F]
all good?

[Locked to Billy K]
[Someone has to check on him, so...] hey.

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Anon, public.

I'm looking for a man named Waterhouse. I presume not the painter.

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[After: The Lieutenant/Noah NW]

Who: The Lieutenant (only not really) & Noah Nicodemo
What: After
Where: Somewhere between the train station and downtown
When: Sunrise
Warnings/Rating: TBD

Holly wasn't on the train. )

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Alex W, Mal R, Harlow J

[Group lock: Alex & Mal]
I feel a neighborly need to ascertain all souls living beneath this hallowed roof survived any random incidents with choo choo trains.

[Locked to Harlow]
It wasn't a romp through a cemetery with my glittering self, but did you have a flashlight and a wonderful time?

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[anon, public]

I'm looking for a young man named Leo Long.

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[Plot End: All Aboard]

[The train begins to move again, and before anyone knows it, the ride is over. The sun is starting to rise in a brightening sky as the ghost train comes into Repose's unused station. The haunts fade away, and the train's doors open to allow the evening's unexpected guests to return to their days and their lives. There is some confusion, and the whispers around town grow louder and more numerous as residents return to homes and jobs. By the evening, the train has left the station once more, and those trying to find out what the final destination will find there is no such train, and there is no destination.]

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[Fall Plot: All aboard!]

Who: All residents.
Where: A ghost train.
→ Please use the form provided for starters.
→ In subject lines, please post icon keywords/icon keyword (or open) and mature content warning (if any).
→ This is a time stop plot, which means no posts should be made to the community until the plot ends.
→ Please use the name on character's tickets in comments.
→ Should your character 'go missing' they would be transported to an alternate timeline of your choosing. You can transport them back at any time, should you wish to.
→ Feel free to 'dibs' starters.
→ Feel free to move your characters in and out of threads at will. No need to stay with one partner for the entire dance.

The Lady Vanishes. )

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Si M

[Locked to Si M]
[Late. Late, late, late. After returning from New York. Around 2 am, and all the lights in her trailer are dark.]


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This is stupid
Why the fuck am I bother

Anyone into Zorro around here?